Coast Guard Prints

I am very pleased and excited that THE COAST GUARD CHANNEL is now the sole distributor of ALL my Coast Guard themed Giclee prints. For pricing and ordering information, please click ANY print.

All prints are on fine art 11 mil glasher paper or heavy acid free cotton rag 3g with approximately 2 inch borders and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

All prints, with the exception of the Whistle Buoy and the Loss of the USCGC Jackson, are limited edition (150) signed and numbered.



Artist Proof: These prints (if any) are normally the first to be printed. In general they will normally be higher priced because of the smaller edition size.

Open Edition: This means that an unlimited amount of prints can be made. These should be less expensive then the Limited Edition prints and usually do not increase in value.

Limited Edition Prints: These prints will generally increase in value over time, particularly when the edition size is sold. Once this happens there will be NO more prints made. The smaller the edition higher the value.


Giclee is a French word (pronounced jee-clay) that roughly translates to "squirt" or "spray". The making of a Giclee is a very precise, time-consuming method of reproducing art with outstanding resolution, vibrant color and unsurpassed detail.

This exceptional print is created by craftsmen utilizing a specialized printer spraying millions of droplets of archival quality inks onto the canvas or watercolor paper. The result is a print that is as near the original as is humanly possible with no detectable dot pattern that is found with traditional printing.

You can be assured by the purchase of a "Giclee" that you have obtained a fine museum quality print.


The care of a Giclee is really no different from that of any original.  I will only highlight a few items - most of which I have violated at one time or another and have had to live with the undesirable results.

  1. Remove all packing material from your shipped print upon arrival.
  2. Frame your piece as soon as possible, remembering if glass is used to use a mat or some type of spacer between the glass and print to prevent the transfer of minute condensation.
  3. Insure only acid free material is used.
  4. Avoid placing in direct light; natural or fluorescent.  Also avoid hanging above heat sources or outside walls.
For a very informative article on print care please click on:

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