NORMAN - The Little Red Sedan

(A journey of life's little ups and downs)

Richard A Levesque
Printed by No Waste Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60585-276-8
50 pages

From IP Book Reviewers:

Most all human beings have their own questions and ideas about what happens to them once their allotted time on earth is spent and their body parts wear out. Do cars ever think about their ultimate demise? In Norman the Little Red Sedan, Richard A. Levesque tells a heart-warming story that will captivate the minds of children, evoking all types of emotions that will help prepare them for life's ups and downs. It may make them think of their time on earth and how it is spent as far as attitude, accomplishments, the treatment of others, and the importance of love and family. They will learn about the good times as well as the challenging ones.

The book is a "gift" to children by a talented author who is both an excellent storyteller and an illustrator. His words breathe life into Norman the Little Red Sedan and will hold the interest of younger children whose parents read to them. Older children, who have skills that are adequate for reading and comprehending this story, may find some words to be unfamiliar which is why Mr. Levesque has included a glossary. This is a unique idea for an exciting children's book that is entertaining, philosophical, and educational.

In the beginning of this story we see that Norman is a happy red car who has been put out to pasture after serving his owners very well for many years. He likes his environment, the animals around him, and the knowledge that his loved ones are close by in the family home. My, how he has loved them over the years, and he always will. But, alas, with only some sad "goodbyes," Norman is hauled away by a man he calls "ole dirty pants" and begins a new adventure that nothing could have prepared him for. He faces the unknown, fearful situations, loneliness, and a trip that takes him--as well as other old cars--to strange places where there are happenings that leave all of them bewildered, confused, and thinking about their individual survival. Norman eventually finds love and happiness again with another family; however, though proud of his appearance, he doesn't look the same! Children will want to follow Norman on this journey all the way to the "happy ending," so if you are a parent, caregiver, or educator, I suggest you purchase several copies of this book to have available in your home, library, or school. It is an excellent resource and a great read. My own grandchildren gave it a top rating!

From Midwest Book Review:

The torment and pain of every day life is so often under rated by so many. "Norman The Red Sedan", author and artist Richard A. Levesque wants to teach children that feeling down at times in their life is perfectly normal and that there is plenty of joy to be had in their life no matter how down they feel, and more can be had if one learns from their mistakes and that everything will be alright in life ultimately. "Norman and the Red Sedan" is an inspirational children's picturebook, a top pick for community library collections featuring them.

nowavail_resize.jpg Norman, the little red sedan

Reader Comments

"I love Norman. The book is written with such feeling and has many lessons that can be learned by a wide range of ages. The writer has used his artistic ability and brought the book to life.He makes the characters real. I look forward to reading the book with my grandchildren as I believe they will all love the book as I do. Dick Levesque's artistic and writing talent has taken reading a book to new heights."
-- Wendy L. Brooks,     free lance photographer KY.

"...This is a feel good story of life's little ups and downs with a happy ending. It is written at a level that will not only entertain children, but will also be instructive in demonstrating positive attitudes and interpersonal relationships. The book would be an excellent tool for teachers and it would hopefully generate questions from their students giving instructors the opportunity to further educate in these important areas of early childhood development. The book is wonderfully illustrated by the author and I would recommend it to anyone with young children or anyone who wants to feel young for an hour or two. I enjoyed the story and I'm sixty-eight years old."
-- C.D. Williams    Author of the Novel Palawan. NV

"In Norman, The Little Red Sedan, Dick Levesque has written a vibrant children's story that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The crowning aspect is his wonderful, artistic talents woven into the story itself."
-- Mary Ann Shires Montgomery, author. CA

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