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These are awesome !!!! TN
All in all, beautiful work that moves me as a viewer. CA
...great talent in painting and sketching. Keep it up! OH
I saw your website and was impressed. CA
Your vivid translations of life at sea is what I appreciate most. NC
One of my biggest treasures is the picture of the Taney that you drew for me.
I love your works because they speak to a world I understand! CA
WOW! That is fabulous. FL
The pictures are awesome. MT
most excellent painting. CA
Looks like its out of a Michner movie... TN
I do so admire the study you put into your work. CA
The difference between painters and artists is an artist work comes alive when someone views it. Your masterpieces definitely fall into the latter category. MI
The water makes me want to dive in. CA
Dick Levesque of Tennessee is a fine maritime artist and has created a website gallery, through which you can wander at leisure and enjoy some of his highly evocative maritime paintings. UK
a great marine artist.! CA
He colors better than anyone in my kindergarten class. LA
Your work is simply ASTOUNDING. You have encouraged me greatly. CA
Dick, you are genuine. I scanned through your Coast Guard paintings and sketches and I was really impressed. As a former Coastguardsman (journalist) I can truly say that you stand amongst some of the great marine artists. NY
You are truly a gifted artist and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and also for bringing back fond memories to me.
I certainly like your paintings, you are very good at painting water scenes,I wish that I could. Thanks for the opportunity of viewing your paintings. NM
Very impressive. CA
WOW, talk about capturing the Spirits of the Past. It looks great and should capture the Spirit of today's Surfmen giving them a reminder of what a Surfman in the past had to do. CA
Beautiful work. I'm ready to reenlist for another 6 years in the Coast Guard. Your work "in Harm's Way" brought back some chilling thoughts to me---some at times I wish I could forget, but in another way, I pray I never do. PA
I still can't believe that those squiggles you did during backup are now turning into such wonderful heart touching paintings CA
My gosh !!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome !! Your detail is amazing. TN
could not believe all of the detail work that you have done, the rivets and the rust, the ANGLE THAT THE PEOPLE ON DECK are leaning, where do you find the patience. CA
looks great, you can actually feel yourself in the water with the people. CA
INSPIRATIONAL! What a great time I had seeing all this nautical art. You do great work Dick and it was a pleasure to view your work. FL
Loved your site and really loved your self portrait. You look like an extremely salty old Santa. AK
I am pleased to let you know that you are very creative and i like your artworks. UK
Wow Dick your paintings are fantastic. Very inspiring. MD
Those red lights [Dorchester] are erie and the water looks dark, the kind I never want to get into. It's still terrifying! CA
The pictures [Dorchester] are spectacular, you can feel the emotion, the panic,it makes your heart go out to those poor souls. CA
The painting [Dorchester] exudes the helplessness and terror that all those people must have felt. The emotion you're putting into your work now is being communicated to the viewer. CA
This painting [Dorchester] is amazing. Truly amazing. I'm glad you painted it exactly the way you did. In all its terrifying detail, it honors the dead and the survivors, and everything they went through. AZ
I had tears in my eyes. FL
BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in awe of your work. TN
Two Bears look quite handsome. You have an incredible knack of being able to convey the intensity of the elements. The water and the ship are all very intense and we feel as if we were there. TX
Your work is outstanding. FL
You are absolutely amazing! CA
Beautiful artwork. OH
I think your work is totally awesome. OR
I have a bodily sense of the truth of my experience of the sea. Your depictions of the 255's capture the wild excitement they behaved and the crews would know. I feel a passion in your work that describes your knowledged experience.
Wow, and wow again, You tell a compelling story
absolutely are a marvelous artist....the pictures even on the site, look as if they are in the water and ready to burst off the are truly wonder you're on the Queen Mary! WA
INSPIRATIONAL! What a great time I had seeing all this nautical art. FL
It is great that you are recreating the images of some of the CG's old vessels.
This is some of the finest maritime art I've seen. Great Job. MI
What wonderful work. You state that your work comes from the heart. that was my first thought when I visited your web site. Thank You for sharing your heart with the rest of the world. KY
Thank you for painting the CGC Sagebrush. As a former RM2 aboard NODR it is "Beautifully rendered!" And it looks great in my home. CA

Thanks to all that have taken the time to write such kind words. It is truly a blessing to have touched so many viewers.

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