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R. Levesque, Original Art & Limited Edition Prints


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Local Auction

Temporary page for local WTPR radio Helping Hands Auction.

This is a temporary page for local listeners to WTPR's Radio Auction.  You may view the framed print that I have contributed  for "Puryear day" (January 30th) below.  For those not familiar with the auction it is transmitted by WTPR (710 AM) daily January through February and raises funds to benefit local non-profit organizations and charities.

A limited edition signed and numbered Giclee print titled "Hootney". Edition 10 of only 150. Suede matting protected by non-glare glass and framed with Henry County barnwood.  Overall size approximately 21 1/4 x 24 3/4 inches. Certificate of Authenticity adhered to back.

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If you would like to bid on this or any other auctioned item Thursday, 12:30pm cst till closing, please call (731) 644-1695.  It is for a good cause.  You WILL be helping many organizations and individuals.

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