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R. Levesque, Original Art & Limited Edition Prints

www . levesque-art . com

Hi, my name is Richard Levesque although everyone calls me Dick and I sign all my work "R. Levesque" (confusing already isn't it?).  I created this site at the urging of family, friends and customers as there was no place locally to show my work.  The main theme here is showing only a sampling as most of what is displayed is already in private collections. At present my main focus is on assembling a series of fine Giclee signed and numbered limited edition prints.  If you see something that you might like as a print please feel free to call, write or e-mail me.  It just might already be available.  I will answer ALL correspondence promply.  If you have an idea for an original, again please contact me.  I will work closely with you through completion. Please bear in mind that these are scanned images thereby reducing the detail, clarity and color.  The originals are much more vibrant.  Finally, thanks for stopping by and please take your time browsing through the following pages.  Enjoy! 
I apologize for the slow loading of images but I am working on correcting this.

View From Within - acrylic(completed 11/08/02)

Signed, limited edition Giclee prints will soon be available on certain editions.

Please get in touch to offer comments, suggestions, ask questions or to just find out whats in the works.  All e-mails will be answered promptly!

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Last updated on 11/06/02

R. Levesque  1800 Goldston Springs Rd, Puryear TN, 38251  USA  731 247-3360